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Women Shelter

Women's shelter as you may already know is a place of provisional or momentary protection and support for women fleeing from domestic violence and intimate partner violence. A representative survey recently conducted shows that 1 in every 3 women tend to experience physical violence during their lifetime while 1 and 10 experience sexual assault. That's the reason women shelter is there to help women in such horrible circumstances overcome their predicament. Beyond offering shelter and protection, women shelter also serves as a place of counseling and legal guidance for abused women and children. Women's shelters also serve as a sense of empowerment and gaining tangible resources to create a new life.

Why we are Helping

Owing to my concern and sympathy for all women and children who are living in violence and or families which suffer as a result, I decided to embark on this project of providing support and Christmas gift for women shelter. I believe that no woman or child deserves to be beaten, battered, threatened or in any way exploited by violence by their intimate partner or guidance. I strongly believe that it's everybody's legal and moral right to live without these, physical or repeated psychological abuse.

I have carefully and meticulously made the rough cost estimate of what it will take to support the women's shelter this December and also provide some Christmas gifts that will also be accessed through our website. A total donation of $5000 will be able to help achieve this great humanitarian movement. Imagine the kind of change and moral support your spare $1000 $500 $200 $100 $50 $20 $10 or even $1 can bring to the life of an abused woman or child today. No amount is really too small to donate to this course. Sometimes you don't need to be very wealthy to make a difference or global impact; you only need to care enough to help small projects like this in the best little way you can.

Donation Options

If you would like to handpick and purchase an item from the shop please use code SHELTER during checkout. Items marked with this code will let us know that the selected items will go straight to the shelter and not be mailed to you.  If you would like the item can be tagged with your name and note if you choose. 

You can also donate straight to our GoFundMe.

Greatest Gratitudes

Thank you for taking out time to read this. We sincerely appreciate whatever amount you've decided to or have donated. You've played a big part in empowering women and children living under abuse and domestic violence. 

Our best regards and biggest thanks.

Do you think we should donate clothing items or gift cards? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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